Monday, 20 August 2012

Holiday musings

Artists have to be extremely self assured; confident of their ability and who and what they they are and represent; driven to raise their game and consume new experiences; and most fundamentally of all - they have to be passionate.

A good loser is someone who loses often.

Misplaced trust is a schoolboy error made by men of all ages.

Fear restricts most, inspires the rest.

Fear of failure plagues most,
fear of success hinders the rest.

The unknown is a fear for some and a thrill for others...
Either way each step should be taken with controlled anticipation, a prudence that would gain the approval of the fairest of them all, resulting in the butterflies being a wing down.

The fewer certainties there are, the more deductive one has to be.

Can instinct be trusted? It is a raw, primal emotional, can you trust human nature?!

The only suitable life philosophy is adaptability. Inherent in that is the nature of human evolution.

And the brain ticks on...

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